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THE mosque known as Kefel6 Mesjedi, In the quarter of Salma Tomruk, Is commonly supposed to represent the monastery founded by Manuel/ a distinguished general in the wars with the Saracens during the reign of Theophilus (823-842). This opinion is doubtless based upon the circumstance that the monastery in question stood in the vicinity of the cistern of Aspar,2 crvveyyvs T{J fCLcn-epvy rov "Ao-Trapo? (the large open reservoir to the east of the Gate of Adrianople), near which Kefel6 Mesjedi is also situated. But that circumstance alone cannot be regarded as sufficient ground for the identification of the two buildings. There are at least five other monasteries mentioned in Byzantine history, all distinguished by the mark of their proximity to the cistern of Aspar.3 And at a short distance to the west of Kefel6 Mesjedi, and nearer to the cistern of Aspar, we find the remains of an old church, now Odalar Mesjedi, which might with equal force claim to represent the monastery of Manuel. The commonly received identification may, however, be correct as a happy conjecture. Mr. Siderides,4 indeed, considers the identification of the monastery of Manuel with Kefel6 Mesjedi a mistake. According to him, that monastery was a reconstruction or enlargement of the ancient monastery of SS. Manuel, SabeL, and Ishmael, which stood on the heights above the Phanar, now crowned by the mosque of Sultan Selim. To the objection that
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